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All existing copyrighting methods should strengthen your case when faced with a copyright battle. However, the questions you need to ask yourself are:
1. When using the recorded delivery postal system can you be certain that your works are in a safe place or whether they will arrive back with a legible time-stamp?
2. When using banking or copyright agency services are you getting flexibility, ease of use and real value for money?
The table below summarise how these various copyrighting methods compare with iCreateditfirst:
Service Benefits Postal Service Timstamp to yourself Bank Deposit, Solicitors or resposible third party Other Online Sites
Reputable Third Party Time Stamp Yes Yes Yes Yes
Simple Registration Process Yes Yes X ?
Secure and safe storage of your works Yes ? Yes Yes
Convenience - Worldwide access to your works from any browser Yes X X ?
Flexible - Lifetime or Annual accounts. Yes X X ?
Encrypted registration and upload process Yes X X ?
Managed and encrypted backups Yes X X ?
Digital Copyright Seal- Single click reference to your work Yes X X X
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