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Digital Copyright Seal
A proportion of creative individuals are leveraging various distribution channels to promote their work, this includes traditional methods as well as new digital media. The new digital media includes:
  • The promotion and distribution of your work on your own Website.
  • The distribution of your work via Email.
  • The promotion and distribution of your work on a reputable secure website such as
  • With all of the available distribution and promotion channels, it is paramount for creative individuals to explicitly inform the recipient that their work is registered, timestamped and protected against plagiarism and copycatting.
  • Use the dynamically generated seal as a reputable third party time stamp as evidence in any litigation process.
  • Attach a dynamically generated seal to your email signature.
  • Include a dynamically generated seal on your website.
  • What is the iCreateditfirst Seal?
    Where do I use the iCreateditfirst Seal?
    How does it work?
  • Your UNIQUE ID is provided for you by
  • This UNIQUE ID generates the dynamic digital seal.
  • The seal enables you to retrieve your registered work with a simple click (the seal acts as a pointer to your registered, timestamped work).
  • How to use the digital copyright seal?
  • Login to your account.
  • Select "View Protected Work".
  • Click on "Sample Seal", for guidance on how to use as an email attachmanet or on your website.
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