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The US legal position
While the US have signed up to the Berne Convention, the US legal situation is unique with regards to registration (click here for more information of the Berne Convention The US Copyright Office, managed by the Library of Congress, states that 'before an infringement suit may be filed in a (US) court, registration (with the US Copyright Office) is necessary for works of U.S. origin'. (Source: - July 2004).
Therefore, if you are a US based citizen we recommend you also register your work with the US Copyright Office.
So, is it appropriate for a US citizen to register with icreateditfirst?
There are still significant benefits for US citizens who register with icreateditfirst:
  • iCreateditfirst provides US citizens with immediate protection against copyright infringement internationally (outside the US); protection afforded by the US copyright office is only applicable when attempting to pursue a case in the US. For example, A US citizen could file a suit in any country and use the iCreateditfirst third party timestamp as evidence of copyright in a court of law, anywhere in the world.
  • iCreateditfirst provides you with a reputable third party timestamp as well as a real time digital copyright seal to use as valuable evidence supporting your claim in any international case that "I Created it First".
  • Our Service is convenient, flexible, affordable, secure and immediate - you can timestamp and protect your innovations within minutes via any web-browser. As opposed to The US Copyright Office, which states that you should receive a Certificate of Registration within 4 to 5 months. (Source:" - July 2004)
  • The Real Time Digital Seal of your registered work enables you to explicitly inform the recipient that your work is registered, time stamped and protected against plagiarism and copycatting (attached in an email or posted on your own website).
  • For more information about the benefits of iCreateditfirst please click in the following link -
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