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Does the copyright stamp apply internationally ?
Yes - We offer an Internet based service and hence we have worldwide coverage. While in the UK, the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 ensures that copyright is given to you the moment the expression of your idea is created with no formal registration required. It is important to understand that in a court of law, without any proof of creation date, you may struggle to support any claims regarding the origination of your work.
This is where iCreateditfirst comes in. We provide you with a reputable third party timestamp as well as a real time digital copyright seal to use as valuable evidence, in a court of law, in the event that your work was copied without your permission. iCreateditfirst is a registration, date-stamping and secure storage service aimed at creators of original musical, literacy, dramatic, designed and artistic works. The service will assist in proving origination and priority in these works. The proving of origination and priority are essential for establishing and maintaining copyright if challenged.
International Pricing
  • Our pricing remains the same in our local currency, UK GBP.
  • Our customers can choose to pay in their local currency, such as USD or Euro.
  • Pricing in USD and Euro can go up or down, depending on the daily exchange rate iCreateditfirst picks up from Worldpay.
  • US based citizens please click here for more information
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